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Fuzzy Cactus

the ever changing truths of our own experience

27 August
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College student. That in itself explains a lot. I love books. Literature has a permanent immovable place in my life. Apart from that, I view everything as transitory. All my other interests are always subject to change. However if I am interested in anything, I tend to 'take it to the limit' beating the life out of it with my enthusiasm. Probably my worst and my best characteristic.

I tend to obsess over politics, education, and rhetorical moral questions. I also have a tendency to rant when I'm excited or thinking. I have a tendency to think a lot. Apart from that, I have a really strange sense of humor.

No one ever wins, but somebody always loses. Somebody always goes crazy and somebody always dies. The French have a phrase for it - c'est la vie. The Russians... well... it sounds better in French.

trees rocks things